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Yanahi Roman
CEO & founder

Yani founder of La Casa del Inmigrante committed woman and visionary of heart who has been become in strategist and with practicality eloquent to generate solutions day by day over the company evolution. She is graduated from International trade and who from of her bases felt the desire of the basic help and addressed toward the common good to all. Yani supervises and authorizes all the immigrations and technical procedures of our clients implementing management and general operations of the company always directing us to one only vision WIN-WIN. We would describe Yani as a lover of all the moments with who she loves, reading, life, and why not as a woman that searches for inspiration toward others.


Both seeking to be a constant source of inspiration to other women who dream

and strive to achieve

their goals.

Mónica Bustamante
Business Administrator

Monica as the business administrator of La Casa del Inmigrante has an approach aimed at double growth, creativity, and practicality of the company's solutions, generating better customer service strategies. Graduated in International Trade with the constant intention of helping and attending to the needs of the client, she is a woman who directs her approach passionately enjoying each individual procedure of an all by all in the attention, analysis, and needs of the client. We would describe Moni as an enthusiastic traveler, a lover of life, her family, and nature, who practices her fanaticism for amateur photography in every place where she is.

La Casa del Inmigrante

A service company, with the main objective of helping the general public, regardless of race, sex, nationality, color, ethnicity, etc. Granting services to low costs of migratory character, services of taxes, insurance of all type.
Working with immigration and defense lawyers, to achieve the necessary support and thus to benefit our clients.

Help the general public, regardless of race, nationality, color, ethnicity, sex, etc. Providing useful and necessary information for the benefit of the public.


Give the correct and necessary support to the general public. Clarifying doubts and uncertainties at low costs, to benefit all those who are in a difficult situation in this country.


Being an aid organization, with services at low cost, having the best human team to give a friendly and correct service



Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Justice, Responsibility, Teamwork, Equality and Perseverance.

We are

IRS Certified Acceptance Agents

We process your ITIN without sending original documents to the IRS

Faster and safer.


Approved translator by Department of Motor and Vehicles (Spanish/Portuguese)

Approved translator list: http://www.ct.gov/dmv/cwp/view.asp?a=805&q=558024


Notary Public


Insurance License

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